Monday, 2 February 2015

Afternoon in Berlin

Great news my lovelies, I have nearly finished my dreaded dissertation so will back to normal this week (hopefully). Surprisingly I have actually enjoyed it though, the research and writing just not the lack of time I have had for the blog. Trust me, no one is more surprised I just said that than myself. 

Here is your second instalment from my stop over in Berlin. There are something amazing little hidden away places all around if you just take time to explore. My resolution this year is to do just that. explore more. Life is definitely worth living, you just have to live it how best suits you. There is too much out there in life that needs to be found and appreciated. Still massively gushing over my ASOS coat though which served me well when it started to snow in Germany. The final part to my trip will be posted either tomorrow or wednesday (depending on my flats internet, it's very temperamental) so keep an eye out!

Have lots of juicy surprises coming this week including my first vlog of's been a while but all will be explained. Happy Monday Everyone!

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