Saturday, 3 January 2015

Treat Your Skin

After a lovely christmas holiday full of eating our weight in home comforts, drinking mulled wine and getting dressed up for parties it's all coming to an end; which I am struggling to come to terms with as I love a good festive holiday. But with the cold weather and all this strain it's time to treat your skin and help it recover as well as making you feel ready to hit 2015 hard as we all start going back to school, uni and work. If you have been lucky enough to receive some christmas money that you haven't already spent on clothes in the sales like I did then this is something I can't recommend enough. The perfect investment for perfect skin.

A gorgeous gift set full of 3 amazing products that I use religiously 2/3 times a week. I have already written an in depth feature on these products on here but I had to show you how lush the gift set is. Each set has the White Tea Balancing Cream which helps restore your skin to it's natural balance, the amazing Black Peel Off Mask which helps remove blackheads as well as looking amazing when you wear it, and the ultimate product, the Scrub Mask which I am totally obsessed with as it leaves your skin feeling icy and fresh. 

Lets start this year with fresh and perfect skin! 

You can get your little box of heaven here:


  1. This looks so pretty!!! And I'm in love with skin care products. Even your make up looks so different when you can start with a good base!

  2. I have been looking into investing in a good skincare routine. I want to get my skin back in tip top shape x


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