Sunday, 25 January 2015

Golden Gown

I have been so excited to share this post with you and introduce you to the amazing brand that I had the pleasure of wearing at the Fashion Influencer Awards. As I am only 5"4 (hence the blog title) I really struggle with finding floor length dresses to fit me without having to wear ridiculously high platform heels; so of course you can imagine how happy I was when this was waiting for me in my hotel and it fitted perfectly. I love the way it pools slightly at the bottom when I stand still and then floats effortlessly around my feet as I walk. Such stunning dress that reflects light amazingly and it will probably be something I put on in my flat to cheer me up on bad days.

I styled this Marilyn Golden gown from FashionPills with some studded heels, which I managed to last all night in and also from Fashion Pills. The dress floats straight down with a high waist line that I accessorised with my lion head belt from Topshop. Finishing the look with a gorgeous beaded gold clutch; the detailing on this is just so beautiful I will put up a mini post on it very soon as also buyable on their website. 

I always think you need to feel yourself at an event like this and wear something that reflects you and I honestly felt so comfortable ad confident in this did helping knowing I wasn't going to fall flat on my face. Initially I was so nervous about attending this event as I suffer from anxiety and it gets a lot worse when I'm around a lot of people I don't know. Not many people see this side to me as I'm usually pretty bubbly, but the event was such a big turning point for me. Everyone was lovely and chatty with only the sweetest things to say which has helped my confidence so much. I found by the end of the night I was happily chatting to people I don't know and didn't constantly think they were judging me, yay! Fabulous experience and I hope there will be loads more this year that I can report back to you all about.

I do have to say I did feel a little bit like the little mermaid in this outfit, but I loved it and had the best time at the event so a big thankyou to Stylight and Fashion Pills for inviting me along and allowing me to wear this incredible outfit.

Shop this dress and the whole outfit here (also there is an amazing sale at the moment) -


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