Friday, 30 January 2015

A Morning In Berlin

Apologies for being so rubbish at posting at the moment. My dissertation is taking up way too much of my time for my liking and would much rather be bringing you new posts to read. Super late on the Berlin feature but I'm bringing you the first instalment this evening.

On arrival it wasn't half as cold as I expected and we had lots of daylight left to go take some photos in what I wore to travel in. My comfiest boots were a must as I had no idea if I'd have to walk or where we were staying etc, and obviously wondering around airports doing some duty free shopping is a lot of walking. Of course I couldn't go anywhere without my ripped jeans, and they are actually pretty comfy to travel in, although the wind in Berlin wasn't the warmest so my poor legs suffered a little. A plain black turtle neck (yes I am still obsessing) accessorised with a chunk of crystal, and there is no way you can go somewhere cold without a coat. This is the beauty I bought a couple of weeks ago from ASOS. (A few of you may have noticed my rant about it being late to be delivered, but the wait was so worth it)

I wish I had more time over there to explore and find some amazing little coffee shops which I found last time I visited but it was a very fast pace trip. That doesn't mean I didn't have time to explore for some quick photos though, more posts from my mini break will be up over the next few days. For now I'm celebrating my last friday of January with a hot chocolate and an early night, ready for getting up at 6am to go sit in coffee shops to finish this dissertation.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Midweek Jewels

Currently having a nightmare week writing my dissertation, which some of you lovely readers have helped out with by answering some research questions for me, so thank you to those that have helped, but my week has been graced with a little bit of shine. As you all know I have a magpie brain, always being able to hunt down anything shiny and falling in love with it, which leads me to say, I'm happy to introduce you to a gorgeous brand that FiveFootFour is now working closely alongside. 

DuttsonRocks is a London based company specialising in diamonds and bespoke designs. Last year saw the launch of their first ready to wear jewellery collections which I have the honour of introducing to you. I'm not a fan of fashion jewellery that turns you green after one time wearing it so this is the perfect solution; and with a lot more class. With fine metal jewellery all the designs are using the best materials and all just absolutely wonderful designs. 

The necklace and earrings are from the Louvre Collection and the bangle is Shades Of Summer. As anyone who follows me know, I am obsessed with rose gold and still gushing over my Michael Kors watch so I can't wait to wear these pieces with it. It's always so refreshing to find a brand that brings something new to the table and really makes a statement with their designs, which is why this is a brand you all need to keep an eye on and get involved with. Lots more coming from DuttsonRocks with FiveFootFour and I couldn't be more excited to share the journey with you all.

Shop these items and more of the other collections at

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

SFIA Goodies

Hello lovelies, I thought I would share with you all what I got in my goodie bag from last weeks event in Berlin. As you can tell the goodie bags really were pretty "good". Some amazing hair care products, styling products, jewellery, make up and my new favourite nail varnish from Essie, it's such a gorgeous colour; all thanks to Stylight and all the sponsors. All stunningly presented and a lot of these items I will have to replace once I run out as I can't get enough of them. Check out more from the event here -

I will be posting more outfits worn around Berlin up soon so keep an eye out. Need to get planning the next mini trip away I think. 2015 needs to be a year of travel. 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Golden Gown

I have been so excited to share this post with you and introduce you to the amazing brand that I had the pleasure of wearing at the Fashion Influencer Awards. As I am only 5"4 (hence the blog title) I really struggle with finding floor length dresses to fit me without having to wear ridiculously high platform heels; so of course you can imagine how happy I was when this was waiting for me in my hotel and it fitted perfectly. I love the way it pools slightly at the bottom when I stand still and then floats effortlessly around my feet as I walk. Such stunning dress that reflects light amazingly and it will probably be something I put on in my flat to cheer me up on bad days.

I styled this Marilyn Golden gown from FashionPills with some studded heels, which I managed to last all night in and also from Fashion Pills. The dress floats straight down with a high waist line that I accessorised with my lion head belt from Topshop. Finishing the look with a gorgeous beaded gold clutch; the detailing on this is just so beautiful I will put up a mini post on it very soon as also buyable on their website. 

I always think you need to feel yourself at an event like this and wear something that reflects you and I honestly felt so comfortable ad confident in this did helping knowing I wasn't going to fall flat on my face. Initially I was so nervous about attending this event as I suffer from anxiety and it gets a lot worse when I'm around a lot of people I don't know. Not many people see this side to me as I'm usually pretty bubbly, but the event was such a big turning point for me. Everyone was lovely and chatty with only the sweetest things to say which has helped my confidence so much. I found by the end of the night I was happily chatting to people I don't know and didn't constantly think they were judging me, yay! Fabulous experience and I hope there will be loads more this year that I can report back to you all about.

I do have to say I did feel a little bit like the little mermaid in this outfit, but I loved it and had the best time at the event so a big thankyou to Stylight and Fashion Pills for inviting me along and allowing me to wear this incredible outfit.

Shop this dress and the whole outfit here (also there is an amazing sale at the moment) -


Friday, 23 January 2015

Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards Highlights

Big thankyou to start with to FashionPills and Stylight for inviting me along to this amazing event and styling me for the evening, I am still obsessing over my golden gown. Hopefully this isn't the last time I work with these amazing people.

Catwalk fashion show by Tigha was so inspiring with a lot of leather, feeling an need to invest in their items. If you haven't heard of them check out the style here -

It was an absolute honour to watch one of the most influential men in blogging pick up the award for Best Men's Fashion Blog. Such a gentlemen with impeccable style and had the pleasure of meeting him later on at the after party and even then was such a sweetheart, big congratulations for Mariano Di Vaio.

One of my biggest blogger inspirations Kristina Bazan received the award for Fashion Influencer Of The Year. An absolutely incredible achievement for her and her team and there isn't anyone in my opinion that is more deserving.

If the awards ceremony with a stunning fashion show from Tigha wasn't enough we were then lead into a different room of the venue to the after party. Now most after parties are pretty standard but I still can't explain how insane it it was held in an empty swimming pool. Even completed with a carpeted bottom...very thoughtful as walking on tiles that slope down, in heels wouldn't be very enjoyable. DJ Klingande (check him out on soundcloud, linked) was simply amazing accompanied by a live saxophone player who I can't even get across how amazing she was. Wearing a beautiful sequin number and rocking out with her sax along to Klingande, was definitely a highlight of my evening. 

It was such a pleasure to spend the evening dancing and celebrating with some incredible people who influence me and the fashion world so much, it was an honour to be invited. Was a great surprise to party with the crazy cats, Jamie Laing and Proudlock from the hit TV show MadeInChelsea along with their friends. Was a relief to meet others from the UK as most people we coming from all over the world so some common ground was reassuring. Very lovely boys with questionable but insane dance moves.

As I mentioned before Kristina Bazan who runs Kayture and won Fashion Influencer Of The Year at the event, was of course an absolute delight to meet and have a natter with. Looking flawless in her Elle Saab jumpsuit it was so refreshing to meet such an inspiration not only to me but millions across the world, and see how genuine and down to earth she is. Oh and yes, she really is as perfect in real life as she is in all her blog posts, but also a massive sweetheart who I wish all the best with more awards this year and in years to come. A truly deserving winner and absolute angel.

This was a few of my highlights from the event and I will be posted a full feature on my outfit for the event and more adventure from my trip to Berlin very soon so keep an eye out.

To catch up on the event and what it's all about take a look here -

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