Sunday, 21 December 2014

Some Festive Sparkle

Everyone has an item of clothing they love to put on over christmas and this top is one of mine. Fabulous for festive drinks, a works party or just for christmas day. This time of year is perfect for sparkling and this Topshop sequin top covers it from all angles. My magpie eyes couldn't help but snap this up, adding to my growing collection of sequin, jewelled and beaded tops/items.

I loved making this cute little christmas booth with my wonderful best friend and photographer Olivia Bossert, but you can tell I was having a good time as all I can do in this is smile. Helping to add outfit ideas and sharing the ones I love to wear this time of year. There is more outfit ideas and thing I love to wear this time of year coming to the blog everyday till christmas, so keep an eye out.

Hope you're all feeling festive with your friends and family around, that is really what Christmas is about though, not the presents, not the outfits, not who gave who a better present, it's about sharing it all with those who mean the most to you and being together. 

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