Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's A London Christmas

 After a busy few in London I fancied a day in central London finding some festive spirit to share with you all on here. I embraced the busy roads and crowds of people in Selfridges to get some christmas shopping done and I even bumped into Santa who couldn't help posing for a photo. This time of year in London is always my favourite, even if there are a silly amount of people in shops and the queues are massive but I love to suck it all up and see the bright lights, colours and excited little children running around pointing out what they want from Santa.

I usually go for my traditional Starbucks just off Oxford St. that I always visit when I'm in London but this time I fancied something different and came across a lovely juice bar just down from Oxford St. Joe and the Juice is an awesome juice and sandwich bar, perfect place to hide away from people and do some blogging. I tried a Stress Less Juice which was strawberry, apple and ginger with a mozzarella, tomato, turkey and pesto flatbread. I have to say this is somewhere I will definitely be visiting again and not stupidly over priced either. The boys working there were all very friendly and chatty, which is always a blessing in cities to find people who are happy and rub off on you.

After lunch I went on to explore and hunt down more festive experiences and sites in London. Visiting Leicester Square was so lovely, with rides, and stalls, a mini christmas market was exactly what I needed. It's almost like little towns pop up over Christmas with cute little houses selling sweets and beautifully made little gifts. It's like a whole new world at this time of year. It was also amazing not to be budged out the way because of the amount of people as it wasn't too busy. For my final stop of the day I went to Covent Garden to see what the decorations were like this year, last year was impressive but this year was just full of festive spirit. I had to show you the lego reindeer and Santa, it made my afternoon, and was super impressive. London is a wonderful to explore at any time of yea but after months of uni stress a day wondering around by myself and bumping into some friends was just what the doctor ordered. 

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