Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Hair Tip

Before the shops get even more horrific here is a quick must have over christmas. My hair secret to never losing the volume to my hair is using Batiste at the roots in even sections of my head (but I avoid spraying it on the top), then rub it in and not only does it boost your hair for a freshly washed feel but also adds amazing volume. Also saving your hair from damage if you wash it everyday and it also helps to style your hair. I find when I style my hair after using this is holds so much better and adds lift and shine.

Quick little christmas tip if you have a busy week ahead but want to look like the stresses of christmas aren't getting to you. Christmas Eve tomorrow and I can't wait...of course there will be another post from the christmas booth, 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Photos by Olivia Bossert

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