Thursday, 27 November 2014

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers is a lovely idea that I have taken part in this Novemeber. You sign up, write a little bit about what you like then at random you get paired with someone who you create a little package for. The girl I was paired with liked stationary, swallows, bath bits, and loved postcards. So I tried to give her a little bit of everything she liked. Above are the images of the package I put together for her. As I'm feeling super festive how could I not involve some christmassy bits? So of course there had to be chocolate coins and a couple of christmas decorations to share the festive mood. 

I stated in my little bio that I am a fashion blogger and love chocolate and anything sparkly and bless her she gave me some lovely treats. Being a big kid I was so excited to receive christmas stickers, not sure where I will put them yet but they are so sweet. She obviously tried so hard to send things that I can involve into my blog and modelling so the earrings were super lovely to receive and they will be featuring in some festive posts. I can't explain how gorgeous the Barry M dust is, it's such a beautiful colour and I can't wait to wear it in shoots and over christmas.

I thought today was the perfect time to show you this as it's thanksgiving in America and this was such a lovely idea and I'm so happy that I took part. It's always nice to share with people and treat them to things they aren't expecting. A lovely way to get into the festive feeling by giving something back, even to strangers. There is so much negativity in the world it's nice to take part in something that can put a smile on someones face.


  1. That's such a lovely gift - both given and received! I'm still waiting for my gift to arrive but I had an email to say that it is on the way and I couldn't be more excited!!! You can see what I shared to my perfect stranger on the recent blog post and I will be posting my return gift as soon as I receive it! Happy thanksgiving!

  2. This is such a darling idea! definitely looking into this, you gave her such a lovely gift and hers to you was gorgeous!
    Bethany x

  3. (I really hope this hasn't posted twice)

    Hi, I was your Perfect Strangers parter, so glad you liked your gift!

    I loved your thoughtful parcel, the socks in particular are adorable!

    Katharine x


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