Sunday, 9 November 2014

Horse Whispering

Throwing it back today to the shoot I did for Blakely Clothing in the Brooke Burgundy dress. As summer came into autumn, the evening light was amazing coming through the trees creating such magical light to be shot in with some beautiful horses. This is one of the comfiest dresses I own, with super soft cotton and free flowing it's so easy to wear. It can be hard to find dresses suitable for everyday but this is my favourite in my wardrobe. Even in the colder weather you can pair it with tights and a blazer or even put a jumper over the top. Blakely Clothing is fast becoming a must-have brand with each item being of high quality, not only looking great but fitting perfectly. 

This shoot was one of my favourites I have done to date, I love horses and wish I had more time to spend with them but this evening in particular was wonderful even if they were more photogenic than me, even pushing me out of shot at times but it was lovely working with them. I can't say enough how perfect the lighting was for this it reminded me of a scene from a film it was totally other worldly. 

In this shoot I wore a small. If you haven't already purchased from Blakely Clothing is it a must-have brand, shop tees, jumpers, dresses and more here:

Photos by: Martha Lily Photography 


  1. Quite like the bold use of this kind of model here, tired of flicking through page after page of skinny bitches x

  2. ^ what the hell that is so not called for!!!

  3. Fallen in Love with these Photo's I am a massive Horse Lover ! The Grey is gorgeous !


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