Monday, 17 November 2014

Generic Selfie

Everyone loves a selfie these days so here are a couple in my lovely playsuit with freshly dyed hair. Love getting back to being auburn, it's finally sunk in and I'm getting used to it after the first few weeks of initial shock. I am determind to wear this over christmas even though its summery but I love the colours and with high boots, long socks or tights and a jacket I'm sure it can be wintery too.

After being blonde for years trying to hide my red hair I finally decided to embrace it and be who I am. Will be posting a serious blog post about why this was such a hard decision soon, a chance to get to know me a little better and a chance for those of you who are feeling insecure to maybe get some advice and help from it, I hope.

(Ignore my bruised knee, too much rum punch is never a good idea.)


1 comment

  1. you look fantastic,i love the pics! I love being able to wear summer clothes in the winter if possible! xx


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