Sunday, 12 October 2014

Classy Winchester

Some of you may have seen this watch feature on my Wish List post a few weeks ago and it's finally arrived. Love how classy and unique Daniel Wellington watches are so beautiful I just couldn't help myself. Keeping with my rose gold obsession I opted for the Classy Winchester. A small rose gold watch with Swarovski crystals on the face; this is my new perfect timepiece. Its ultra thin face makes it the perfect everyday watch, with the ability to dress it up or dress it down. 

Daniel Wellington have created statement watches which are easily recognisable with its unique faces and classic colour schemes. I absolutely love their watches and I'm sure this is just the start of many. Not to mention it's my two favourite colours mixed with my favourite colour metal. This will be appearing in many more shoots and outfit in the future. 

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Rings: Pandora 

Photos by: Olivia Bossert



  1. I didn't realise that they did a smaller size. I always see the large face on blogs and Instagram and I know they definitely don't suit me. I'm going to have to check their site out for this because it looks like the perfect size. The pink and blue is lovely, it reminds me of Jack Wills! Gorgeous blog photos, by the way! x

    1. Yeah it's not the big one, the classy winchester i think is about 26mm it's a lot smaller than my MK one but it's so pretty! I love the pink and blue and jack wills, that why i chose this one ;) Thankyou so much lovely! xxx


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