Thursday, 30 October 2014

1 Day Till Halloween - Black Lace

Tomorrow is Halloween so this is my second post to bring you some dark inspiration for your outfits. This black lace bralet by CelebLook is perfect for a dark glam outfit may it be vampire themed or lacy witch. (Just to make it clear that I am not wearing white makeup...i really just am that pale that I glow) The detail of the bralet screams elegance with the fine fringes and the zip up the back. It's a great chance for an all black everything outfit and would be perfectly paired with the statement set on yesterdays post. Halloween isn't always about the costume and if you wanted to focus more on your make up with a haunting face this would compliment your art skills perfectly.

As well as Halloween being all about dark shades, this delicate bralet is beautiful even in the day. Paired with a coat or blazer to keep the autumn winds off, high waisted jean, heels or boots it makes a wonderful seasonal statement for this time of year. Lace is one of my favourite things when it comes to clothing and the detail on this is just so classy I can't seem to wear it enough.

Celeblook sell so many other forms of lace clothing, all beautiful without breaking the bank. Find them here:

Photos by: Griffin Photography


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