Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Tower Of London Remember

If there is a place I will never get bored of coming to it's London. Always full of amazing sites and exciting events so I couldn't visit without seeing the stunning array of poppies around the tower of London. The ongoing growth of poppies is such a beautiful way to remember each fallen soldier from the war but it also very moving to see the impact of the amount of lives that were taken. Each single poppy represents one lost life of a soldier that was lost and there are now hundreds of poppies placed around the grounds, which is so emotional to see.

Having walked over Tower Bridge to see the views across the river it brings you out right next to the Tower of London. Following the road along it cuts down into the gardens of the castle to allow you to view it from all the way around. It's a lovely walk to see volunteers placing the poppies in the pattern right around the grounds which is also a big wake up call to all the effort this has taken, all the time and how each life lost is so important to reflect in the exhibit. 

Feel very lucky to be able to experience this while being here in one of my favourite cities. Sorry that the photos cannot express the magnitude of this wonderful expression of art but if you are in London or going soon you have to experience it for yourself.


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