Friday, 12 September 2014

Daisy Dreaming

I've been dreaming about this wonderful fragrance by the one and only Marc Jacobs since discovering it at the airport in Bangkok. The light beautiful smell that's so easy and uplifting is just the perfect new fragrance for me. It does help that I love every scent by MJ and collect each one but this one has topped them all. It is an exact reflection of the name, it's a dream. The bottle is a work of art and the smell is simply divine. I am over the moon I have been able to get my hands on a bottle. 

I also couldn't post without including the adorable mini tester bottle. The biggest and tiniest bottles of Daisy Dream. It's just so cute! This is will add to my wonderfully growing collection of Marc Jacobs fragrances but I think I have found my favourite. Could this be the best one yet? Keep up the inspiring work!


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