Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Doi Suthep Temple

Being blessed with the amount of wondrous temples we have come across in Chiang Mai, we decided to go find another breathtaking experience we had heard about. Known as the golden temple, the Doi Suthep temple is found up the mountains in Chiang Mai, through the rainforest and situated at the top of over 300 steps.

After a great work out to reach the top the first thoughts were you were walking straight inside a huge temple. To my delight the doors I walked through opened up into a large courtyard with smaller temples, statues, walls of candles all surrounding a glowing golden temple. With the sun shining off it all over allowing it to glow in gold it almost looked like it was the sun of Thailand. 

For the most part of this adventure I was speechless, everything was so perfectly crafted even on a huge scale. The talent was incredible. Stumbling across a room where a monk sat and anyone can go inside to be blessed was something I needed to experience. No photos were allowed to be taken whilst sitting in front of the monk so I wasn't able to show you myself getting blessed but the experience was wonderful. Taking part in things like really make the journey that little bit more meaningful and spiritual. I had to close my eyes in the prayer position and the feeling of complete calm fell over me again as he chanted and flicked water over us whilst praying. He then called us forward and showed us to the right of him where we were giving bracelets which would protect us and give us goodluck. 

If you are travelling, embrace every opportunity that presents itself to you, you never know what it might mean to you. 


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