Thursday, 31 July 2014

Priceless Experience

The same day we arrived in Chiang Mai we decided to go look around the town and explore. Little did I know this day would be one that will stay with me forever. 
We wondered along the street we were staying on, heading towards the town centre, even the streets were beautifully lined with temples and giant marble walls. Unsure whether we were allowed to go into the temple or not we first went inside the grounds of one to take photos of the building which was draped in gold and jewels, reflecting the sun all over us.
The second temple was a lot bigger with water fountains, flowers, gardens all around it. There was a place to put your shoes and robes to put over yourself when entering the temple. The inside was just the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Golden ribbons hanging from the ceiling creating almost a floating layer inside the temple, a huge golden Buddha at the back of the temple and row upon row on monks praying on the floor in front of him. There was a small space at the back where the public could sit and watch. We sat quietly and the feeling that washes over you in indescribable. 

Total calm and complete peace.

The chanting of the monks filled the temple and a state of complete mindlessness took over. It was sensational to be part of and I still feel blessed that I was able to experience this.


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