Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lanterns and Lights

On arrival in Thailand everything seemed so surreal. I'd been waiting my whole life for a chance to travel, dreaming about the heat in paradise, the smells, everything. Now I have this chance and it all feels like my dreams, like I'm not really here. 

After a lengthy taxi ride we arrived at our first hostel, which wasn't as bad as people make out by the way. We had our own little pods where our beds were, with lockers for our bags, everything was safe and clean. We settled in and finally built up the courage to go exploring. As the area we were in wasn't central Bangkok there wasn't much around but we stumbled upon a little restaurant where we sampled our first meal in Thailand. Noodles and chicken (yes I played it safe) the noodles of course I expected to be hot, but as a pleasant surprise they were cold, with a soy sauce dip for the noodles before eating. First meal for me...Well Done Thailand!

Night falls early this time of year as it's their winter so when we walked home it was dark but so much prettier than the UK. Lanterns lit the streets, reflecting off the trees which backed onto giant buildings of lights and noise. It was like another world. It was magical.


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