Thursday, 31 July 2014

Little Friends

Being a massive nature geek since I was little I LOVED the amount of nature that was just so normal to the locals in Thailand. Anyone who has seen my tattoos you will know, but in particular my lizard on my foot. So you can imagine my excitement when we noticed there were lizards everywhere in Chiang Mai. 

Simple little things in life make me happy and these little guys definitely did, especially when a lady pointed and screamed at my foot thinking there was a real lizard lying on it. Luckily she saw the funny side when I rubbed it to show her it wasn't real. (It's not even a realistic tattoo)


Priceless Experience

The same day we arrived in Chiang Mai we decided to go look around the town and explore. Little did I know this day would be one that will stay with me forever. 
We wondered along the street we were staying on, heading towards the town centre, even the streets were beautifully lined with temples and giant marble walls. Unsure whether we were allowed to go into the temple or not we first went inside the grounds of one to take photos of the building which was draped in gold and jewels, reflecting the sun all over us.
The second temple was a lot bigger with water fountains, flowers, gardens all around it. There was a place to put your shoes and robes to put over yourself when entering the temple. The inside was just the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Golden ribbons hanging from the ceiling creating almost a floating layer inside the temple, a huge golden Buddha at the back of the temple and row upon row on monks praying on the floor in front of him. There was a small space at the back where the public could sit and watch. We sat quietly and the feeling that washes over you in indescribable. 

Total calm and complete peace.

The chanting of the monks filled the temple and a state of complete mindlessness took over. It was sensational to be part of and I still feel blessed that I was able to experience this.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sneak Peak.

ISSUE 30 of WED Magazine is out now!

The previous article on the blog also features in this Issue but here is a sneak peak of the other that I LOVED shooting. Can't explain how beautiful the clothes were and how lovely everyone was on the shoot. So amazing to be part of this. Here are a few pictures for you, I will write the full post as soon as the magazine arrives!

Photo by: Griffin Photography


Monday, 28 July 2014

Tuk Tuks.

One thing I was particularly excited to see and try in Thailand was the Tuk Tuks. They are like scooters and cars mixed together but are all brightly coloured and just one of the coolest things I've ever seen. If they were road legal in the UK I'd have to get myself one for pottering around in.

We had a lovely first experience in one, with a very sweet man driving us who also had an amazing moustache. They have many things in their cars and Tuk Tuks for protection so at the top of them it almost looks like a little shrine. I loved this as each were different and personal, so it allowed you see things that meant so much to the drivers without even knowing them. Little insights into their traditions were so refreshing.

Sleeper Train

After a short stay in Bangkok we had to move North to Chiang Mai. After researching ways of travel through Thailand we chose to take a sleeper train north for 14 hours. Not knowing how clean or nice the train would be but the thought of sleeping in a bed on train was pretty exciting. 
On arrival I was surprised with how nice it was, it wasn't anything amazing but there were little rooms of 2 bunk beds in each room. I had the top bunk which was quite private with a curtain that goes across the room cutting it off from the aisle on the train then a curtain which closes off your bed from the room. Even the beds were pretty comfortable so I was happier knowing it wasn't really how I pictured it. (Pictured below was my bed for the night)

As the heat outside is so hot nearly everywhere has air conditioning which is usually heavenly when you step into it from being in the heat. On this occasion it wasn't so pleasant as the air con was like Arctic winds. It was set in the ceiling and because my bed was underneath it, my night was not one I'd want to relive. Apart from being freezing the journey was really enjoyable and an experience I'll never forget.

Arriving in the morning in Chiang Mai was a bit of a rush as I had finally fell asleep in the morning and woke up with 5 minutes to get off the train before it went onto its next stop. We all got off safe without forgetting anything (miracle) then went on to get our first Tuk Tuk to our new hotel, The Small Hotel.


Pengenna Manor

A little update for you all on the modelling front now. A few weeks ago I did a shoot at a wonderful wedding venue called Pengenna Manor in Cornwall. It was like a fairytale wedding venue, surrounded by trees, in a valley so all around you are green rolling hills and the manor itself was all stone with roses in the garden and cobbles around the grounds. Such a perfect place to get married.

For this shoot I was a bridesmaid wearing a gorgeous purple dress. The headwear were beautiful, with vintage beaded head dresses and fascinators. We were especially lucky with the weather as the valley made a wonderful sun trap.

To our surprise the owners of the venue had an old vintage tractor which they get out for the braid and groom at weddings held there with a very sweet vintage trailer they sit in on arrival to the venue or "aisle". 

I love doing wedding shoots so much as you meet so many new people, make great contacts and it always feels like a real wedding (just with much less guests). The photos from this shoot can now be found in Issue 30 of WED Magazine. I also feature in a different article in this Issue on what to wear as a vintage wedding guest. These images will be released on here as soon as I'm allowed to share them with you!

Photography Olivia Whitbread-Roberts
Bridal gowns Frocks and Frills, Falmouth
Bridesmaid dresses Elegant Bridal
Head wear The Hat Room
Make-up Makeup By Verity
Hair Holly Luisa
Flowers Fur, Feathers and Flowers

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Iced Lemon Tea

Although I believed Thailand would be totally different to the UK I was massively surprised to see Burger Kings, Starbucks, McDonalds and Boots everywhere on every street in Bangkok. The first day we had chance to explore the heat was still so new to us, the humidity was just incredible, so yes, we caved and decided to go to Starbucks to see how different it was from the UK. 

Yet again Thailand impressed us with how tasty everything was and the presentation. Starbucks in Thailand have different flavours so I opted for Iced Lemon Tea as it sounded refreshing (exactly what I needed in the 30 degree sun). I can safely tell you this was one of the most amazing drinks I have ever had. I'm already hoping it gets introduced in England soon. To make this experience even better a man came around giving us free mini tasters of other drinks, then cakes. 

Just sat in the middle of Bangkok having a Starbucks felt so surreal. It still didn't feel like we were abroad or really left the UK. But the feeling of total freedom was coming on strong and fast, a feeling I've been chasing all my life.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lanterns and Lights

On arrival in Thailand everything seemed so surreal. I'd been waiting my whole life for a chance to travel, dreaming about the heat in paradise, the smells, everything. Now I have this chance and it all feels like my dreams, like I'm not really here. 

After a lengthy taxi ride we arrived at our first hostel, which wasn't as bad as people make out by the way. We had our own little pods where our beds were, with lockers for our bags, everything was safe and clean. We settled in and finally built up the courage to go exploring. As the area we were in wasn't central Bangkok there wasn't much around but we stumbled upon a little restaurant where we sampled our first meal in Thailand. Noodles and chicken (yes I played it safe) the noodles of course I expected to be hot, but as a pleasant surprise they were cold, with a soy sauce dip for the noodles before eating. First meal for me...Well Done Thailand!

Night falls early this time of year as it's their winter so when we walked home it was dark but so much prettier than the UK. Lanterns lit the streets, reflecting off the trees which backed onto giant buildings of lights and noise. It was like another world. It was magical.


New Faves.

Have to share these with you! Little diamond earrings I found and at an amazing price. Perfect for summer to show off the shine in the sunshine! It's a heart themed summer without me even noticing lately. Have a first look at the new pandora heart ring on my instagram before it goes up on here!
But seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Good Vibes To Share.

Something a little different for you all now. 
I want to set the summer vibes for you before I share all my wonderful paradise stories with you. So here is my big summer tune for you to listen to and let the good vibes in!

Click the link below and enjoy!

Sunday, 20 July 2014


This made my day!

I know it's not a huge amount but to have 2,000 people taking notice of what I do, to me, it's very exciting! Thankyou to all those who follow my instagram! (If you want to the link is at the top of the page under the header!)

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Big Adventure!

I'm back!

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last month but I have been on one amazing adventure backpacking around Thailand! Lots to catch up on and so many amazing things to share with you! There has also been some very exciting news on the modelling front too so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming from now on! 

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