Thursday, 12 June 2014

Favourite Sandals

The sun is shining and the it is feeling like summer. This only means one thing...time to get your favourite sandals on and embrace the rays! White is such a fresh colour and it just happens to be all over the shops. Such a beautiful look for summer with the sun shining off your favourite whites. 

Dolly's Tea Room

I've been a poorly bunny the last few days as a result of my injections for Thailand next week but felt I had to get out in the sun today. Dropped into Dolly's Tea Room in Falmouth for a drink and a scone. Such a cute little vintage interior which makes it totally unique. It is also above the high street so you can look out the window and see everyone below you. Everyones' favourite feature is the adorable labrador that walks freely around the cafe, wearing a necklace of pearls.
Lovely summer bite to eat with friends in the glorious sunshine before I head off home this weekend to say goodbye to my family before setting off on my Thailand travels.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Favourite Places

We all have our favourite places to hide away in, to think in, to just escape the world and this week I have been back in one of mine. I love being in Manchester wondering around finding new little shops and places, and although it is very mainstream there is a Starbucks that I love to go to. Sat with a sundried tomato and mozzarella panini and my favourite caramel macchiato, hidden away in their down stairs just watching people going about their lives. It's just a comforting place and it wouldn't be a proper trip without a visit here. 


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Used to literally hate coffee and still do when it comes to black coffee but I really love my mochas. I recently discovered a love for caramel macchiatos but on a hot day I chose to mix my favourites and it came this. Happily surprised to find this was totally delicious, give it a try if you love your sweet tooth and your coffee.

Vintage Bridal

Bridal shoots are one of my favourite areas to model in. I always meet lovely people and get to appreciate their talents too, like hair and make up. My hair was put into a fishtail then rolled just under my chin, and the head pieces were all so perfect. The sun even made a welcome appearance. 
This shoot was in such a beautiful place with stunning views of the countryside near Wadebridge Cornwall, UK. I can't say too much about it as the images are being sent to magazines but I cannot wait to share the rest of the images with you all.

Photo by: Olivia Whitbread-Roberts



I don't know about you guys but sushi is just one thing I cannot get enough of! Can't wait to try a proper sushi bar at some point over summer. Be prepared for probably loads of posts about sushi.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Best Purchase

We all have our favourite purchases we believe to be a brilliant bargains and I thought I would share mine with you. These boots were not only a bargain but they truly are the comfiest shoes I own. There is nothing worse than going out and feeling crippled by your heels resulting in you hobbling home and have burning feet the nest day. Not anymore with these beauties! I have been able to walk around for a whole days in these boots and with a slight padded base for your feet it really like walking on cushions. Highly recommended!

Boots: Topshop £45


This week I am on the move. Travelling 375 miles north to Manchester, but I couldn't pass through my home town and not see my family. The best thing about family is you can go months without seeing each other but as soon as you're together again it is like you've never been apart. Of course I love the naughty foods and home comforts though. A short stop here then off to Manchester for more exciting adventures, so keep your eyes peeled for new posts!



Sundays are my favourite day of the week. A day to rest, relax, drink tea and have some one to one time with myself.  Being yourself is something you really can do when you're alone and for me the best ideas and plans come on sundays. But also known as funday sunday when day trips get planned with friends. Exciting things are happening for Five Foot Four and I really cannot wait to share them with you all.

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